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Watching any professional perform is one of the most satisfying experiences in life. It makes no difference what the professional is doing; they fascinate you with their skill and precision.

Years ago I was employed by the Fire Department. I had a captain, Harry Taylor – we called him Scotty. I suppose by today’s standards he would not be considered very professional. Scotty never attended the fire college, but by my standards he will always be a professional.

Some of the other officers who did attend the fire college and left with high marks had no idea of how to lead people. Scotty was a leader; he knew how to draw the best out of his people. He was a pro.

Watch professional ice skaters, they leave you with your heart in your mouth as they go into some of their jumps and yet they land with ease. You would almost believe they were born with skates on their feet.

Watch the professional assistants. They move with the same calm and assurance that the gold medal skater does.

The professional sales person is poetry in motion. They go through their presentation calm and confident, overcoming objections, leave with the order and you never even heard them close the sale.

Professionals are a joy to watch. How did they become so good or should I say great?

They did little things in a great way every day. They work towards being their very best, regardless. They know that amateurs compete with other people, professionals compete with themselves. They study, practice, simulate every move, every day – many times. They want to be better today than they were yesterday.

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