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As an Accredited Life Coach and Counsellor, I have extensive experience in the care giving field and having spent many years working within the Customer service sector. It was there that I discovered the aspects of the work that I find most enjoyable and rewarding, where I could offer deeper therapeutic support and assist people through life’s challenges.

I decided to take this further by advancing my studies and becoming a Professional Counsellor and Life Coach. I have had lengthy experience working with both young people and adults from diverse backgrounds, providing them with Leading Edge Counselling and Coaching via Face to Face Therapy, as well as Online and Telephone services. I’ve earnt the reputation of being able to provide an atmosphere of safety, respect and optimism for the capacity to overcome difficulties. In the process, my clients have developed an increased sense of satisfaction and effective control over their lives.

Using acquired Personal Development Life Coaching and Counselling skills, I have supported and encouraged people to fulfill their potential and make the most out of their lives. It has been of paramount importance to encourage clients to stay motivated and committed to exploring ways of overcoming barriers and setbacks. Planning, goal setting and goal evaluation have been a useful tool in my therapeutic approach.

As a Counsellor and Life Coach it is my role to encourage individuals to get to know themselves better and identify the causes which are holding them back. I strongly believe in developing routes towards moving forward and making change happen, resulting in success. I have spent the last few years searching for the answers to life’s balance. I have had my share of life experiences both business and personal problems, having succeeded and failed in both.

I believe that we all have a mission in life and through my unique coaching techniques I can show you how to recognise your true self. I know that there is a genius inside all of us that will allow you to live your life as you dream it to be:


The Counselling Life Coach allows you to choose from a level of support that you may require at any particular time, pulling together years of academic and practical experience. Counselling and Life Coaching could highly benefit you or your business by helping with a wide range of issues, thus,  helping you to attain a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

The role of the counsellor or life coach is not to ‘treat’ people or try to ‘heal’ them, but to encourage their curiosity about their own beliefs and motivations. I offer clients an invitation to step outside of their life story long enough to see that it is only a story, and, of course, to appreciate that those stories can be re-written. Together we will create a space in which new possibilities will emerge.

    ” Providing you with the keys to
unlock your lifes potential.”


My mission:
I am inspired by all that surrounds me and the laws of the universe and how it relates to mind, body and spirit. To teach you how to catch your dreams and live a purposeful life in love and gratitude, so you too live the life you dream!!!!!”


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